Monday, July 28, 2014

Engagements : Mylie & Eric

My best friend (and favorite model), Mylie, is married now! She and her hubby, Eric, went off to have an intimate wedding at the Sandals Resort in St. Lucia. I WISH I could have gone there to celebrate with them, but maybe we can all go for "honeymoon/vow renewal" soon!

When they came back from their week-long vacation (jealous...haha!) we ran around and took some late engagement portraits. Honestly, it's never a bad time to take portraits with the person you love. I had my engagement portraits taken AFTER my wedding - sometimes that's just how things work out! For Mylie and Eric, she was finishing up teaching, he was graduating from Texas Tech with his Masters and after that they were moving Eric out to Lewisville so he could work! They had a bit of a busy schedule. :)

I absolutely LOVE these two and I am so very happy for them both.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Engagements : Michael & Rosy

Never before have I met a man so genuine in his affections for a lady that his chivalry saturated the air and made everyone around him feel cozy in his presence. Michael truly is an old-soul (probably in one life was a knight of medieval times!) and his bride is equally as stunning in genuine grace as he! Rosy and Michael are very blessed to have found each other and I feel so privileged to know them, call them my friends and photograph them through some of the most exciting moments of their lives together!

Michael called me AT THE LAST MINUTE (seriously, day before he was going to pop the question to this lovely lady) and asked me to photograph the proposal. Had it been anyone else, I would have had to double-check my schedule, but for a good college friend, of course! He told me how his Rosy was always getting on to him about them not taking more pictures.... and then I came into their lives!

These two are just so much fun and at this point Michael is almost a natural at acting natural and relaxing for the camera (lucky for him I'm a good teacher and give direction)! Rosy is simply stunning no matter how I photograph her!

I had an amazing time with their Engagement Portraits and am so excited for their BIG WEDDING DAY in 3 weeks! I'm so happy for these two! With some couples, you just know they are meant to be together and that is exactly how it feels with Michael and Rosy.

Oh just look at those gorgeous legs on Ro! Even when I was teaching dancing my legs didn't look that good!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

1 Year Portraits : Lily

Miss Lily is a whole year old!!!! Oh I just love this little girl to pieces!!!!! I have watched this little grow up and have watched her mama do such a fantastic job in raising her too - for which I feel so blessed! Lily is Miss Giggles and absolutely LOVES my daughter and my daughter loves her!

Oh, and Miss Lily LOVES cake too. She was so very excited to dig her hand and feet into it! That's exactly how we should all eat cake, don't you think? It's a full-body experience!

I just can't get enough of this little lady! Happy Birthday, little princess!